Our Curriculum for 2014-2015

Well it’s that time again.  Time to start back to the grind!  I’m excited.  I love the start of a new school year.  The sharpened pencils, the smell of erasers, cracking open a new book-I love it!  And we are actually starting our school next week.  We like to start the first week of August each year because it’s just a good time for us.  We’re usually tired of summer, it’s usually too hot to do much else, so why not?!  This year, we are making the switch (the one I’ve been needing to make for a couple of years now) to year round schooling.  This will give us a month on, week off type schedule which will work much better for our crew!  This is also the first year that I will be “officially” teaching two kids.  While Hannah will only be in preschool, she is very much determined to have her own “school” this year, so by all means, I am officially declaring her “in school!”  So I’ll be letting you in on what we’ll be using for both my third grader and my preschoolers (of course, things will be modified for Lydia…she’s not at all interested in school just yet).  So, without further ado….


Preschool 2014-2015

Core-This includes Bible, reading, geography & history, science, etc. We will be using Sonlight P4/5.  This has a heavy emphasis on great classics like Mother Goose Rhymes and Peter Rabbit while the science emphasizes exploring God’s creation.  Geography and History focuses on occupations, people groups, cultures, and places.  LOTS of reading.

Little Keepers at Home

Character & Manners- Our book here will be Little Keepers at Home.  This is my first year using these books, but I am so very excited about them, because these are character qualities and skills that I so often forget to teach, but are so important.  Included topics are Bible Memory, Manners, Cardmaking, Embroidery, Baking, Scrapbooking, and gardening.   This is actually part of a club (which I’ll share more about later), but we are using it this year within our family only.  To learn more about it, you can visit the website at Keepers of the Faith.

We will also be doing various ABC activities to compliment our curriculum as well as lapbooks to go with our read alouds.  Those, I will try to post a little bit about as we get there.  But that’s all for my girls.  I’m keeping their schedule pretty simple as they are so little and need more time to play than work!  🙂

Third Grade

Core D

This picture is actually what we have in our home right now!  Just waiting for us to get started on! 

Reading, Writing, Language-We will be using Sonlight Core D (see picture above!), which is super exciting!  We will be diving into American History this year, with an emphasis on Native Americans, so many of the readers and read alouds have to do with early America.  Some of the more familiar ones include Sarah the Noble, Johnny Tremain, Swift River, The Witch of Blackbird Pond, and Sign of the Beaver.  *squeal*  I’m pretty pumped about it, if you can’t tell.  The thing I love about Sonlight is the rich literature selections.  The language/writing in Sonlight last year was not impressive, but I’ve previewed this year’s schedule and I’m much more optimistic about it, so we are going to try to follow along with their plan.  At least, that’s my plan as of right now.

Math 3

Math-This year, we will be going with Sonlight’s recommendation to make the switch to Teaching Textbooks.  This is a complete computer program.  I am always so hesitant about using a complete computer program, but Isaac hates writing.  He hates writing!  So the workbook pages of practice were torture.  He could do the math with no problem, but writing the answers was like swimming in molasses for him.  Also, because I am adding on more “students” this year, it will help tremendously to have one subject taken care of without my needing to be right beside him.  Hopefully, this will be a win-win!

History/Geography-This will also be taken care of through the Sonlight core.  This year, like I said before, we’ll be studying Early American History.  We are so excited to be learning about the Native Americans and Lewis and Clark and the Founding Fathers!

Science-This also comes through our Sonlight Core D.  This year we will be learning about Biology, so we’ll be doing exciting things like making a model of a cell and growing radishes.

A Reason for

Handwriting-Even though he hates writing, I still think it’s important to know how to write well, so we will be learning cursive this year (he’s actually excited about learning cursive).  We’re using A Reason for Handwriting which is a handwriting program which uses verses to practice writing.

Bible-Sonlight schedules Isaac’s personal Bible reading, and it also schedules the read aloud Bible reading, but instead of following their schedule for our morning family devotional, we’ll be reading through Romans this semester and learning more about Paul.  We will also continue our Charlotte Mason Scripture Memory System this year, which has been SO effective for our family (including me!).  This would be useful to ANY family, homeschool or not, to implement.

typing instructor

Contenders of the Faith

Electives:  As electives this year, we chose Typing Instructor (available at Amazon) and Contenders of the Faith, which is similar to Little Keepers of the Home mentioned above.  This is for the fellers though. I’m excited about this one too, because this will encourage us to work on extra projects such as archery and whittling (something Isaac has been wanting to do!) in our spare time.  I’m also planning on bringing in some outside help for some of the topics that Tim and I can’t help him with (whittling being one of them-oh how I wish my Papaw were still here!).  I also LOVE this book because it encourages the young boys to take care of widows, their neighbors, and their church.  Again, this is our first year to use these handbooks, and most people use these in a club setting, but I think they will be a fabulous addition to our home school this year.  I’m also considering getting a membership to our local gym which will cover our Physical Education needs.  Isaac has expressed an interest in tennis….and I think it would be fun too.  However, Tim says we should definitely start with Squash (is that how you spell it?) because two beginners should never try to start playing tennis together.  He’s probably right.  😉

So that just about does it for Wood Academy this year.  We’re really looking forward to getting started.  My oldest two are big readers (and I think Lydia will come along too), so all these new books are just burning a hole in our eyes until we can really dig in!  Monday is the day!!  Here we go!

{Disclosure:  If you are interested in Sonlight curriculum and use the links above to purchase it, our family will receive reward points to use as credit toward our next curriculum purchase.  Thanks!  I don’t get any other “perks” for endorsing the other products.  I just included links so you could find everything.  Hope it helps you!}

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