Our Schedule

In case you’ve ever wondered what our day looks like (and for a record for myself to look back on), I thought I’d share our schedule for homeschool for this year.  Each year, the schedule is a key part of how well our year goes.  My kids are schedule people.  They all really thrive on knowing what comes next.  When they know what comes next, we generally have smooth and easy days.  When I’m constantly surprising them, that’s when chaos ensues.  And really, I would call our schedule more of a routine because we have to be somewhat flexible.  If Tim is able to meet us for lunch, by all means, I readjust our time to work with his.  If we have a doctor appointment, we move things around or school “on the go”.  I always try look at our schedule as a goal for the day, but if we get off, it’s not a big deal, we’ll catch up at some point.

This year, I’m a little nervous.  It’s our first year to actually have two core curriculums I’ll be teaching.  It’s a lot of reading aloud!  It also means that Isaac will be on his own much more than he has been in the past.  This is also the longest schedule we’ve ever had.  The past two years, we’ve been able to pretty much finish by lunch with the exception of a read aloud and maybe a science experiment here and there.  But this schedule goes all day.  Of course, every year, I set a schedule to begin with, and then I adjust as we go.  So, I’m sure that this will not be the exact schedule we end up with, but it’s what we’ll be starting with.  And, if you’re interested in what we do during all these time blocks, you can check here to read all about it.  So here’s what our day *should* look like….

Daily Schedule
  Isaac Hannah & Lydia
8:00 Chores                                                   Chores
8:30 Morning Bible Time (Singing, Scripture Memory, Indian Prayer Guide, Reading)
9:00 Math (Computer) Pre-K Circle Time
9:30 Handwriting Workbook Time
10:00 Typing Course Math/Science
10:30                History Read Alouds/Geography/Timeline

Snack Time

11:00 Language Block (Spelling, Writing, Vocab) Computer Time/Quiet Box (Rotate)
11:45                                 LUNCH & BREAK
1:00                                       Read Aloud
2:00                                           Science Read Aloud/Rest Time
2:30 Silent Reading
3:00 Individual Projects (Keeper Project) Play Time
4:00 Movie/Wii Time

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