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goal setting

Sunday afternoon.  That means goal-setting time for me.  This is where I look back at last week, and look forward to this week.  I must admit, I’m cringing a bit looking back on last week.  Isaac, my oldest, has had an ear infection for a month.  Yeah, you read that right, a MONTH.  He has tubes, so we’re talking dripping, oozing yellow stuff and even bleeding.  It was so bad that the past week, our Ear, Nose and Throat doctor wanted to see us every day.  Yeah, you read that right too.  EVERY.  DAY.  And, he is 35 minutes away from us.  So the past week has not been easy, but I’m so super happy to report that we have finally found the medicine that seems to be kicking it, and he is on his way to health again.  We also had an allergy & asthma appointment for him this week (30 minutes in the opposite direction…that was a humdinger of a day), and that appointment went really great.  His breathing is much better than last year and we think we may have a solution to some other problems he’s been having.  Score!  Anyway, it turned out to be a much more chaotic week for us than I had planned, which included a lot of on-the-go which you’ll see reflected in my goals that I didn’t get accomplished last week.  So, let’s take a look at last week’s goals….

1.  Spiritual Life

Daily Bible Reading & Prayer

Read “Am I Messing Up My Kids?” by Lysa TerKuerst (This is part of a Proverbs 31 Online Bible Study I’m participating in right now.  Great study!)

2.  Family Life

-Daily Family Time (We are reading through John)  we made this *almost* every night.  I think we skipped two nights, but made good progress through John

At least 2 fun activities w/the kids as a final nod to summer  even though it wasn’t what I had in mind for a final summer hoo-rah, our crazy schedule did allow for us to have a Chick-fil-A playtime on Tuesday and Thursday, I had a date day with Isaac.  We went shopping and to Chili’s to eat.  On Friday, Isaac stayed with my mom so I got the girls to myself so we baked cookies and had a tea party.

-Make Hannah’s 4 yr old check up appt  Nope…no more doctors!  Please!!

Finalize school preparations (I have a list of this but don’t want to bore you with it)  *I’m as ready as I’ll ever be!

3.  Home Life

1 Deep Clean Day

-Daily Load of Laundry  not exactly….but it didn’t get totally backed up either, so I’m not too upset about it

4.  Church Life

-Send cards to Sunday School Kids So I wrote all the cards…but half of them I stuck in my purse and forgot to send..  Does that still count??

Help Prep for Wednesday night event

Prepare Sunday School Lesson

5. Physical Life

Track food on LoseIt.com (highly recommend this!)

-Coffee, water, and hot tea only  I did have a couple of zero calorie, non-caffeinated beverages this week.  I don’t want to make it a habit, but I’m pretty excited about the fact that I didn’t revert to sweet tea and cokes, my old stand bys!  Progress!

Exercise x 2

6.  Social Life

Send text to friend to check on, make date to get together

7.  Financial Life

$50 Incidental Expenses Limit  nope…between the doctor visits and eating out, I don’t even want to know what I spent last week!  But, this week *should be a quieter week.  Hopefully I can make up the difference there.

8.  Legacy Goal (I’ll tell you more about this category in another post)

Write 3 Blog Entries

9.  Mental Life

Personal Time x 2  I don’t know that I had any of what I consider “personal time” this week.  It was a stressful week, but I woke up on my own before the alarm clock at 5:37 every.  single.  morning.  so I did have long porch times each morning which I desperately needed (even though the early morning wasn’t exactly welcome).  Mornings with God seem to make personal time less necessary for me.

Start a new book (haven’t decided which one yet!) I decided on Lysa TerKeurst’s The Best Yes

Alright, now let’s look at this week.  This week we are starting school, so I’m really trying to keep my goals easy and centered around the house, so hopefully we won’t have to be out too much. 

Spiritual Life

-Daily Bible Reading & Prayer

-Read “Am I Messing Up My Kids?” by Lysa TerKeurst and participate in Proverbs 31 Online Bible Study of this book

Family Life

-Start School! 

-Establish Morning Chore Routine (I always get too relaxed on this in the summer, so we always have to revisit chores when school starts)

-Daily Family Time

-Play w/Kids at least 15 minutes a day (When school starts, it’s easy for me to become focused on checking things off our list.  I have to remind myself to play with them too!)

Home Life

-Daily load of laundry

-Establish a Cleaning Routine that fits with schooling

Church Life

-Prepare Sunday School Lesson

-Prepare Roots Materials

-Prepare Missions Portion of Junior Church

Physical Life

-Track all food on LoseIt.com

-Stay at 1400 calories a day (I have 1,667 calories per day and usually don’t use them all but I hit a plateau on my weight loss last week because of all the eating out we did, so I’m going to shoot a little higher this week, but this is still well within my healthy range, so no worries!)

-Exercise Daily (This usually comes with playing with my kiddos in case you’re wondering…trampolines are no joke y’all.)

Social Life

-Day Date with Carly

Financial Life

-$30 incidental limit

Legacy Goal

-Blog 3x’s

Mental Life

-Read The Best Yes by Lysa TerKeurst, continue The Case for Faith by Lee Strobel and begin Idols of the Heart by Elyse Fitzpatrick

-Personal Time x 2


So there it is…my week in a nutshell.  What are your goals for the week?


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