A Day in the Life

I thought that today I would share what a day in the life of the Wood Family (the home-stationed side) is like.  So here we go…


After breakfast, we start chores.  These are the girls’ charts.  Isaac’s looks similar.


Then we have our Bible time.  We are learning all about American History this year, so I figured it was a good time to learn the Pledge of Allegiance.  So, we do the Pledge, (yes, complete with flag waving and “My Country ‘Tis of Thee”. 


We sing a couple of hymns, and we’re learning the Books of the Bible this year, so we sing our Books of the Bible song.  Then, we read our Bible passage from Romans and discuss it.  I had to smile to myself this morning when after I read, Isaac said, “Now that was good stuff right there,” talking about Paul’s comments about sanctification.  🙂 

After our Bible reading, we do our Scripture Memory System.  Love, love, love this!  Click here to read more about how to set this system up for your family.  It has been such a blessing for us, and it costs nothing other than index cards!


After  our scriptures, it’s prayer time.  This year, we are studying American History with an emphasis on Native Americans.  So, we read a day from our American Indian Prayer Guide.  Then we pray for that group of American Indians that they will come to know Jesus.  We also pray about our day and Tim and any other prayer requests we might have.


After Bible time, our regular school day begins.  Isaac heads to the computer for his daily math lesson. 


While he’s working on Math, I do preschool with the girls.  We read Nursery Rhymes, do flashcards, play alphabet and counting games, and read their Bible story.  Fun times!


Then, we go to workbook time.  Isaac works on his cursive handwriting.  He’s doing great on this!


Hannah is serious about her workbook.  She’s beginning phonics and learning to write letters.  And, we can’t miss workbook time for her!  She loves it!  She’s flying through her first book, and I have to make her stop most days.


Lydia usually colors in her Dora coloring book during this time.  🙂

After that, we take a short break, and I use that time to prepare our dinner.  Roast tonight!!


Then, we move on to history.  They get a small morning snack while I read to them, and then we discuss.


At this point, Isaac works on his typing program on the computer, and the girls I and read.  Science and poetry!



Today, the Eric Carle poem we read provided inspiration for our art time.  While no one ended up with a rooster (which was the intended outcome…), everyone’s art was very “Eric Carle-ish.”


Then it’s on to our language block.  Mondays are usually light in this area.  We go over the dictation passage for the week, and that’s it for the day.  Isaac is one happy boy!


After that, yep….more reading!!  This is our read aloud for American History and WE LOVE IT!  It’s called Walk the Rim and it’s an amazing tale with lots of great lessons and life applications.  I always let the kids play quietly while they listen, and we try to go outside for reading as much as possible.  You wouldn’t believe how much they listen even as their little hands work!


For lunch, we either eat on the porch, or we spread out a picnic style lunch and watch an episode or two of I Love Lucy or Andy Griffith.


After lunch, it’s a good long playtime for the kiddos…laundry time for me!  Then, the girls go down for rest time, and for Mom, it’s time for my weekly card-writing!


While the girls are still resting, Isaac and I work on Science.  I forgot how much fun Biology is!  We’ve already made cell diagrams and this is a picture of an animal classification lapbook that we’ve been working on. 



Of course, Isaac also has his own reading time too!  He’s currently reading Pocahontas and the Strangers.




Later in the week, we’ll use this time for special projects like Embroidery for Hannah and Pocket Knife and Yard work skills for Isaac, but today, we’re exhausted, so our day is done!  🙂

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