Weekly Goals

goal setting


I have been bad lately. I haven’t set goals for about 3 weeks, and I can tell. My house is a mess, my eating has been less than stellar, and my exercise is non-existent. Have I ever said that I am very goal-oriented? I need my goals! So, I’m looking forward to getting back at it this week.  Here’s my goal list for the week:

Spiritual Goals:

  1. Daily Bible Reading & Prayer
  2. Spend time in prayer for each child and their specific needs, as well as for our country, leaders, and for revival

Family Goals:

  1. Family Time x 3
  2. Prepare Adoption Paperwork
  3. Schedule Physicals for each Family Member
  4. Play with my Kids daily-Emphasis on Physical Education
  5. Lydia-Dr Appt at Arkansas Children’s Hospital

Home Goals:

  1. Deep Cleaning
  2. One Load Laundry Every Day
  3. Install Additional Smoke Alarms & Take Care of Safety Issues in the Kitchen

Church Goals:

  1. Write cards to Sunday School Class.
  2. Prepare Roots Materials
  3. Order Curriculum

Physical Goals:

  1. Track eating on Loseit.com App
  2. Drink only water, coffee in the morning
  3. Walk one mile per day (Leslie Sansone is my favorite exercise DVD series)

Social Goals:

  1. Touch base with friends by text message.
  2. Reschedule dinner w/family that we had to cancel last week.

Financial Goals:

  1. $30 Incidental Limit
  2. Purchase Grill

Legacy Goals:

  1. Journal Entry for Lydia’s Birthday! Happy Birthday Lydia!
  2. Blog Posts x 3

Mental Goals:

  1. Finish reading The Best Yes by Lysa TerKeurst and continue reading Glorious Ruin
  2. Begin working on handmade baby gifts.
  3. Personal time x 1 + Daily Porch Time (It’s FALL y’all!)


For some reason, having my goals written down, and posting them on my blog makes them very real to me, so I’m looking forward to getting back to some more discipline in my life this week. Are you goal-oriented? How do you do your goals? What are your goals for this week?

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