Weekly Goals

goal setting

I don’t know why I was so ambitious last week with my goal-setting.  I think I was just so excited to get back to my goal-setting routine that I went crazy and totally forgot how hectic my week was going to be.  I completely overshot my goals this past week, so I’m just almost embarrassed to post, but for accountability sake, I’m doing it anyway!  Ha!

Spiritual Goals:

  1. Daily Bible Reading & Prayer
  2. Spend time in prayer for each child and their specific needs, as well as for our country, leaders, and for revival

Family Goals:

  1. Family Time x 3  We did 1 family time this week
  2. Prepare Adoption Paperwork
  3. Schedule Physicals for each Family Member Not so much…
  4. Play with my Kids daily-Emphasis on Physical Education
  5. Lydia-Dr Appt at Arkansas Children’s Hospital She has an upper GI scheduled for the 22nd.  Prayers are appreciated.  🙂

Home Goals:

  1. Deep Cleaning Ha!  That’s funny!
  2. One Load Laundry Every Day 
  3. Install Additional Smoke Alarms & Take Care of Safety Issues in the Kitchen  Fail!

Church Goals:

  1. Write cards to Sunday School Class. Fail
  2. Prepare Roots Materials  Fail
  3. Order Curriculum

Physical Goals:

  1. Track eating on Loseit.com App Does 2 out of 7 days count?
  2. Drink only water, coffee in the morning  Nope
  3. Walk one mile per day (Leslie Sansone is my favorite exercise DVD series)

Social Goals:

  1. Touch base with friends by text message.  Nope
  2. Reschedule dinner w/family that we had to cancel last week.  Nope

Financial Goals:

  1. $30 Incidental Limit  Nope
  2. Purchase Grill

Legacy Goals:

  1. Journal Entry for Lydia’s Birthday! Happy Birthday Lydia!
  2. Blog Posts x 3  I started like 6, but only ended up with 2.

Mental Goals:

  1. Finish reading The Best Yes by Lysa TerKeurst and continue reading Glorious Ruin  Nah…
  2. Begin working on handmade baby gifts.
  3. Personal time x 1 + Daily Porch Time (It’s FALL y’all!)

So needless to say, between birthdays and training and school and a million other things, last week was a bad week to be ambitious.  And actually, September is a terrible month to be ambitious about my goals.  So, that being said, I am scaling down my goals.  One of my big goals for this week is going to be SLEEP because I’m so tired!  So, here goes…

Spiritual Goals:

1.  Daily Bible Reading & Prayer

Family Life:

1.  Home Schooling

2.  Hannah’s 4 year old check-up

3.  Visit Nanny Mary

Home Life

1.  Deep Clean House

2.  Prepare Adoption Paperwork

3.  Install Smoke Alarms & Address Safety Issues in the Home

4.  Daily Load of Laundry

Church Life

1.  Prepare Roots materials

2.  Look over new curriculum

Physical Life

1.  Get extra sleep

2.  Exercise x 2 this week

Social Life

1  Dinner with friends this weekend.

Financial Life

Legacy Goal

1.  Journal Entry for Adoption Journal

2.  Blog Posts x 3

Mental Life

1.  Read Glorious Ruin, Finish The Best Yes, and begin The Connected Child

2.  Daily Porch Time

3.  Continue working on baby gifts

What are your goals?

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