Weekly Goals

Another week come and gone.  Is it just me or do these weeks just get faster and faster?  Okay, so I knew back in July that September was going to be a pretty crazy month, but it’s turned out to be absolutely rugged.  I am looking forward closing the door on this busy month!

But, I actually am pretty happy with my goals for last week.  For what all we’ve had going, I feel pretty good about what I got done.  Let’s take a little look-see.

Spiritual Goals:

1.  Daily Bible Reading & Prayer

Family Life:

1.  Home Schooling

2.  Hannah’s 4 year old check-up  Hannah got a pretty rough cold this week, so we skipped it last week, but it’s rescheduled for this week.  🙂

3.  Visit Nanny Mary  Love seeing my Nanny!

Home Life

1.  Deep Clean House

2.  Prepare Adoption Paperwork  Can I hear angels singing?

3.  Install Smoke Alarms & Address Safety Issues in the Home  It’s amazing how unsafe my home has been for children the past 8 years!  Lol.

4.  Daily Load of Laundry

Church Life

1.  Prepare Roots materials

2.  Look over new curriculum  this is an ongoing thing, but I did do this, just not completely finished…

Physical Life

1.  Get extra sleep  Not exactly….but I tried.  “E” for effort?

2.  Exercise x 2 this week  Failed here too.

Social Life

Dinner with friends this weekend.   Loved.  Good for the soul.

Financial Life

Legacy Goal

1.  Journal Entry for Adoption Journal  Rolling over to this week.  😦

2.  Blog Posts x 3  Does 2 count?  Because it’s close to 3….

Mental Life

1.  Read Glorious Ruin, Finish The Best Yes, and begin The Connected Child

2.  Daily Porch Time

3.  Continue working on baby gifts  Nope.  Rolling over…

For the first time in a while, I actually feel like I was pretty productive this week.  Obviously, there are some areas that I’ve badly neglected, but it’s a work in progress.  😉

On to this week!

Spiritual Goals

1.  Daily Bible Reading & Prayer

Family Life

1.  Home Schooling

2.  Begin reading Making Brothers and Sisters Best Friends.  (Highly Recommended by lots of trusted people, so we’re starting this week!)

3. Finish up and gather Adoption Paperwork

4.  Finish addressing safety issues for Home Study

Home Goals

1.  Daily Load of Laundry

2.  Keep House Tidy

Church Goals

1.  Write cards to Sunday School kids

2.  Prepare Sunday School Lesson

3.  Continue reviewing curriculum

Physical Goals

1.  Exercise 3x

2.  Sleep

Social Goals

Financial Life

1.  Pay Bills

Legacy Goal

1.  Journal Entry in Adoption Journal

2.  Blog Posts x 2

Mental Goals

1.  Read Glorious Ruin, The Connected Child

2.  Work on baby gifts

3.  Personal Time x 2/Daily Porch Time

That does it folks!  Busy week for us once again as we have training this weekend.  It is my prayer that we will be able to walk in this weekend with all our paperwork completed and ready to go.  The faster we get that, the faster the process will go.  Please continue to pray for us, especially over the next few weeks when things are so busy.  Thank you all so much.  Have a great week!  🙂

One thought on “Weekly Goals

  1. Sonya K says:

    We took a homeschool field-trip to one of the Fire Stations in Little Rock last Monday and we learned a lot about fire safety. When we came home to practice out exit plan, we realized that our smoke detector didn’t even work. Then when my six year old tried to open some of the windows to practice crawling out of them we discovered that he isn’t strong enough to open any of our windows. So I feel the same way as you, my house has been pretty unsafe when it comes to fire safety. I plan of writing a post with all the great safety tips we learned on our field trip. If people are like me then they just don’t know what to do or how to make sure that their kids are truly prepared in case of a fire.
    Good luck with your goals this week: 🙂


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