Weekly Goals & A Winner!

goal setting

Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner! Our winner from The Best Yes is Renee Ross!  Congratulations Renee!  You will be receiving a little “Best Yes” package from me in the mail sometime this week.  🙂

And now…let’s take a look at last week.  I felt surprisingly productive last week even though it was an absolutely insane week!  Go me!

Spiritual Goals

1.  Daily Bible Reading & Prayer

Family Life

1.  Home Schooling

2.  Begin reading Making Brothers and Sisters Best Friends.  (Highly Recommended by lots of trusted people, so we’re starting this week!)

3. Finish up and gather Adoption Paperwork

4.  Finish addressing safety issues for Home Study I’m done inside, now to move outside.  🙂

Home Goals

1.  Daily Load of Laundry

2.  Keep House Tidy

Church Goals

1.  Write cards to Sunday School kids

2.  Prepare Sunday School Lesson

3.  Continue reviewing curriculum

Physical Goals

1.  Exercise 3x

2.  Sleep

Social Goals

Financial Life

1.  Pay Bills

Legacy Goal

1.  Journal Entry in Adoption Journal  I still didn’t get to this! 

2.  Blog Posts x 2

Mental Goals

1.  Read Glorious Ruin, The Connected Child

2.  Work on baby gifts

3.  Personal Time x 2/Daily Porch Time

So, I’m pretty thrilled with last week.  This week, I’m using as a recouping week.  We are exhausted!  September has absolutely worn us out!  So, we are going to really sit back and try to get back into a regular, more calm routine.  That’s the goal!

Spiritual Goals:

1.  Daily Bible Reading & Prayer

2.  Begin 31 Days of Proverbs on October 1st (Church-wide-exciting!)

Family Goals:

1.  Read Making Brothers & Sisters Best Friends

2.  Family Time x 3

3.  Family Fun x 2

4. Re-Establish Chores and Routines that have been neglected this month

Home Goals:

1.  Clean & Organize Master Bathroom

2.  Daily Load of Laundry

Church Goals:

1. Send Proverbs 31 Cards to Sunday School Class

2.  Prepare for Roots & Sunday School Lesson

3.  Write Schedule for Junior Church

4.  Work on Curriculum

Physical Goals:

1.  Exercise x 3

Social Goals:

1.  Meet w/Sister-in-Law

2.  Lunch w/Friend

3.  Reschedule Dinner w/Family

Financial Goals:

1.  $30 Incidental Limit

Legacy Goal:

1.  Blog Post x 3

2.  Adoption Journal Entry

Mental Life:

1.  Read Glorious Ruin and The Connected Child

2.  Begin reading Bringing Up Boys by James Dobson

3.  Extra quiet/personal time for my birthday.  🙂

That’s my week…what’s your week like?

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