Adoption Update

It’s now been 6 months since we officially began this adoption journey.  And I figured that it was time to give another update.  Because it’s getting more “real” every day.  The doubt and uneasiness that was with me for the first several months is quickly disappearing, and in its place is excitement and just a touch of impatience-the good, antsy kind.  I’m happy to be in this stage.  The previous stages have been kind of difficult, stressful and emotional, and while things are still very unknown in this stage, it feels really good to be here.  Okay, so without rambling anymore…this is where “here” is.

We are officially finished with our home study.  I thought this was going to be a big deal, and it really wasn’t.  It was actually incredibly easy.  And by the Lord’s grace, He sent us a social worker to conduct our home study who was a twin to a lady that I taught school with back in Dover, and that really put me at ease.  I felt like I was just chatting with Marty Verdoorn.  Thanks, Marty…you didn’t know it, but you were such a comfort that day!  That was about a week and a half ago now, so we have about 30 days before the home study has to be turned in.  At that point, they will “open” us and start matching us with waiting children.

In the meantime, this came to my door today:

Adoption Book 2

It’s our adoption book.  This is what a child will hold in his hands and read to see if we are a family that he can see himself being a part of.  And I am overwhelmed just by touching it.  I had misgivings at first about spending $40 on this, but now, I realize that I would have spent $500.  And suddenly, it’s even more real today than it was yesterday.

So, for the question that we get a lot, understandably…yes, there is a child that we are inquiring about and praying about.  But, no, it doesn’t mean that we will adopt him.  It simply means that if the timing works out perfectly and if we are selected as the best fit for this child, then we can begin the process to adopt him.  I have a tremendous amount of peace about this process because of one thing:  Adopting a child the way we are doing it is highly unlikely.  We’ve learned that there is A LOT that goes into selecting families for waiting children.  For this to all work out, it will have to be God’s perfect timing, His wisdom imparted to the social workers, His Spirit speaking to that child.  And once again, I find myself saying…How do people live life without God?

I am so in awe of Him.  This process has taught me so much.  One day, when we are further down the road, and my mind is less cluttered with sippy cups and lemonade, I hope to write about all that I’ve learned through this process.  But until then…we’re just waiting.  Waiting for God to finish this final page in our book.  We can never say thank you enough to those of you who have prayed for us and helped us prepare.  We have felt it.  Our house is ready…our family is ready.  Now we wait.

adoption book 1

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