Super Quick Update & Prayer Request

Ok, so as it turns out, the last set of forms (and the only four pieces of paper holding up our adoption process) that we sent to our resource worker never made it to her desk, so this whole time we thought we were “open”, we weren’t!  Oh well…the Lord’s timing!  But, I sent the second set of forms out today (and made a copy this time!).  So, would you all pray with us that those forms get where they need to go at just the right time so that the matching process can begin?  I just feel that we are in a place where we are needing some prayers to get things moving.  Also, pray for our patience.  It’s not easy when you know you are *that* close, just not there.

Thanks so much…we’ll keep you updated.

2 thoughts on “Super Quick Update & Prayer Request

  1. Glynna Condray says:

    Praying that every thing falls into place and the addition to your family happens in a timely manner. I have three adopted grandchildren from S. Korea. So admire and am so happy for my son and daughter-in-law that they have brought these children into our family. Thank you for sharing this event.


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