Make Over Your Mornings

Yesterday I wrote about how I’m teaching my children to take time to meditate on God’s Word.  You can read that post by clicking here.  But today, I wanted to tell you a little bit about how my morning time has helped me.

Morning time has been a constantly evolving thing for me.  I can still remember vividly when Tim and I first got married, we drove a bus.  Well, HE drove a bus, and I was the bus aide.  We had to get up at 5 AM.  Yeah, I didn’t know that hour was on the clock either!  Anyway, I can remember him literally dragging me out of bed, on the bus, shoving my make-up bag in my lap, and talking really loudly until I would wake up.  I remember screaming, “I HATE MORNINGS!!!!” almost every day.  I seriously put him through torture that first year of driving that bus!

But as time went on, and I began having children, I began to realize what an oasis mornings can be.  It became a time that I could stop and breathe before jumping into the day full force.  I used my mornings for me, and it was great.  And I owe a lot of the credit for that to Crystal Paine of Money Saving Mom.  After my babies were out of the waking up through the night, every night, multiple times per night stage, I began really getting my mornings to the point that I actually looked forward to waking up!  It was a far cry from my, “I HATE MORNINGS!!!” years.  I had a pretty great routine going.  Here’s how it used to go:

6:00-Get up, get workout clothes on and do workout

6:30-Sit on porch & drink coffee, read Bible

7:00-Make kids and Tim breakfast

7:30-Get shower/dressed for day

It was like clockwork!  I miss those days!  For those of you who follow me, you already know that we recently adopted a new son, and even though he’s 8 years old, adding a new member of the family throws off routines no matter what (even though it’s totally worth it!).  So my morning routine has kind of gotten out of whack.  But, that’s why I’m really excited about Crystal’s new Make Over Your Mornings program!  She has helped me so much, and I’m excited to dig a little deeper into her mind to see if she can help me get back on track once again!

If you are like me, and your mornings are a little off kilter, you will be excited to know that this product launches tomorrow with an amazing sale.  Seriously…AH-mazing.

So, from 12-7 am ET Tuesday morning, you can get the program for just $5

From 7-12 noon ET, you can get it for $7

From 12-5 pm ET, it’s $10

And from 5-12 midnight, it’s $13

After that, it’ll be $17, which is still a great price.  Of course, I love getting a great deal, so I’ll be going for the early morning one (but settling for the next best!  Ha!)  So, check it out…I really think that you’ll enjoy it as much as I’ve enjoyed her tips over the years.  Click below to get started:

One thought on “Make Over Your Mornings

  1. I am by nature a morning person so this is not as difficult for me. I have come to see that really this is a Spiritual Discipline. We have the example of this throughout scripture AND we know we are to give God our first fruits. It has become an act of obedience and worship for me. I fail frequently, but the discipline has strengthened me and YES it completely sets the tone for the day.


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