Thanks, Mom and Dad

I don’t really know how it was that God saw fit for me to have the parents that I have. There are many times that I feel that I just don’t deserve them, especially when I look around and see that so many around me don’t have parents like mine. My parents gave me gifts that even now, in my 30’s, I’m still discovering.

Thanks, Mom and Dad

Thanks, Mom and Dad

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My mom showed me compassion. She sacrificed herself and her own ambitions time and again to be home for my sister and me. My dad showed me a work ethic like none other. He took on extra work so that Mom could be home with us. It’s hard for me to describe the gift that was for me, to have her home. But I will say this…when I came home from school to find her there, having worked hard to clean the house for us and cook meals for us, and the 500 other things that she did while we were at school, it was like a warm hug every single day saying, “We love you THIS much.” I have been so very blessed to be able to carry this on to my children. Thanks Mom and Dad, for your sacrifice that made that gift possible.

My parents have modeled how to parent. My mom taught me the value of conversation. She used to spend hours talking to me…hours. I believe that if our conversations were to be added up, it would be in the hundreds of thousands of hours of discussion. She never turned the radio on in the car, because she said she wanted to talk to me. She always made me feel that what I had to say was important and worthy of being heard. My dad taught me all kinds of things. He would always tell us how to do things and encourage us to learn new things. He showed me how to teach my kids alongside me.  My parents never talked down to us. They always believed that we were capable of anything. Thanks Mom and Dad, for believing in my abilities and helping me see that my thoughts were important.

My dad worked hard to make sure that my sister and I had a higher education. He worked extra hours to send us to college. We both went and graduated with honors. No one was more proud of that than my dad. I no longer use my degree in an official capacity. Now, I stay home with my kids, and no one is more proud of that than he is either. Thanks Dad, for valuing education enough to make it important, but not so much that it trumped my calling in life.

My parents showed me how to care for people when my grandfather got sick with Altzheimer’s disease. They demonstrated kindness, tenderness, and love day in and day out. They are doing it all over again with my grandmother now. Through this, they have taught me that family sticks together and takes care of each other, no matter what. Thanks Mom and Dad, for showing me how to be a caretaker.

My parents have shown me how to love grandchildren well. My children are so well-loved by my parents. They are patient with them, they are spoiled (just the right amount) by them. And every one of them would go live with Nana and Papa, given the opportunity. Thanks, Mom and Dad, for loving my kids.

And always, ALWAYS…my parents have shown me a strong marriage. In fact, even though it’s Father’s Day, I literally couldn’t figure out how to separate the post into what my Dad has taught me and what my mom has taught me. My whole life, they have just done a beautiful job of working together in everything and complimenting each other so perfectly in what they wanted for our family. Thanks, Mom and Dad, for showing me how much you love each other every day.

I am so thankful that God gave me you as my parents. This is only a fraction of what you both mean to me. Each day, I’m figuring out more and more things that you have taught me about life. It is my prayer that one day, my children will think of me as I think of you guys. I love you!

Happy Father’s Day to my sweet Dad!

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