Can We Join Together to Do Something Great?

Last night, I sat at a fair booth for about an hour, representing The CALL ministry, which recruits, trains, and supports foster and adoptive families. I spent that hour trying to not be invisible to the vast majority of people who were sailing by my booth making every effort NOT to look at me. Now, before I continue, I totally get that. I do the same thing to people. I creep by, hoping that they won’t talk to me and ask me to do something, because if you ask me, I will say yes. It’s just in my DNA.

We Care About our Kids

But I also think that there’s a terrible misconception about us….by “us” I mean people who advocate for children in distress…I think that maybe you think that we think that everyone should be fostering or adopting. Let me just clear this up for you…it’s just NOT true. Yes, I wish that more people would foster and adopt, but not everyone is called to foster or adopt. And I know that. And it’s okay. So far, my family hasn’t been called to travel across the world to reach lost people. And that’s okay. We all have different paths of serving God. But what if I said, “Since I am not called to be a missionary, I don’t have to care about the rest of the world?” That wouldn’t make sense would it? Of course not! That’s why my family gives above our regular tithe to equip missionaries from our own church and around the world.

But so many times, we say “I’m just not called to foster care or adoption,” and somehow, we feel okay leaving it there. That’s where we go wrong. It’s biblical to take care of “widows and orphans in distress.”   So, we aren’t asking every single family to foster or adopt. We are asking to let the Holy Spirit move you. We are asking you to join us in prayer for our community. We are asking you to join with us to spread the word about foster care. We are asking you to simply care.

I’m so excited to report that every day, more and more people in Conway County care. We are now up to three foster homes! Three! It’s exciting! But, it’s still not enough, not when you realize that there are 89 kids in Conway County who need a place to stay, and that number changes daily. I’m always thrilled to have conversations with families who are considering fostering or adoption. I’ll never encourage you to just jump in without prayer and a conviction that it’s right for your family. I’ll never guilt you for it not being the right time. And, I’ll be 100% honest with you, and I’ll tell you exactly how hard it is. I’ll even share with you some of our own personal experience. I’ll also share with you how adoption has changed our lives for the better.

That’s why I’m so excited to tell you about the new Conway County Foster Care Coalition. This is a really, REALLY exciting thing here in our county. The CCFCC is made up of three organizations, all working together to a common goal: taking care of the children in distress in our community. Tomorrow night (Monday Sept 14), they are going to be holding a meeting. This meeting is open to ANYONE who cares about the situation, and I would highly encourage you to go. If you’ve ever thought about fostering or adoption, or if you have ever just wanted to find a way to help…I strongly urge you to attend this meeting. I promise, there will be no pressure. No one will ask you to do something that you aren’t ready to do. They just want to give the people in our community the chance to care.

Can you attend this meeting?

Can you share this information?  Click on the link below to see all the details:

Conway Co Foster Care Info Meeting PDF

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