Here to Help Learning Review

“Mom, what do you do at  your blogger meeting?”  asked my oldest son.

“Well, we get together and talk about blogging things and we do writing prompts,” I replied.

“What?!  You get together and write???  Why would anybody choose to get together and write?  It sounds horrible!” he insisted.

This might give you a glimpse of the stark difference between my view of writing and his view of it.  The other day, I wrote about my journey of homeschooling a struggling writer, and I wanted to elaborate just a bit on the new writing program we have found and are really enjoying.

Do you have a struggling writer? Looking for help?

Do you have a struggling writer? Looking for help?

What’s so funny is that while I love to write, I struggle to teach writing.  When I write, there is no rhyme or reason.  I just pour out my thoughts as naturally as if I were journaling, but children need more concrete instruction to get them going…especially children who dislike writing.  I’ve learned that there is a lot of patience needed in teaching writing, and I believe that you can over-write.  Some writing programs are just far too exhausting. That’s why we are loving Here to Help Learning.  Here are a few other reasons:

1.  Bite-sized assignments.  I love that Here to Help Learning breaks down the tasks into truly bite-sized pieces.  It’s so much less overwhelming than looking at a really big chunk of writing work.  It’s not intimidating for reluctant writers, because every assignment is doable.

2.  It’s fun!  Each lesson comes with a video.  The videos are engaging, visually stimulating, and fun!  Also, the Warm Up writing assignment usually includes a really funny picture that gets my boys tickled.

This is Mrs. Mora from Here to Help Learning. She's your guide through the exciting world of writing...and no, exciting wasn't a typo! It's true!

This is Mrs. Mora from Here to Help Learning. She’s your guide through the exciting world of writing…and no, exciting wasn’t a typo! It’s true!

3.  Excellent instruction.  The instruction is very clear and easy.  Mrs. Mora makes everything seem so simple!  The program is so well organized that the kids don’t even realize how the small assignments add up until they’ve written a whole paragraph!  After their first completed writing assignment, my boys had a solid idea of the writing process, and they quickly remembered the motions to each step.

4.  Fosters Independence.  One of the big goals at the Wood house this year was to begin working toward independence.  I wanted my boys to start working more on their own instead of with me holding their hand all the time.  This program has really helped us do just that.  My boys work much more independently this year with their writing.  After all, writing is easy with Mrs. Mora’s help!

5.  Well organized.  As the facilitator, I’ve really enjoyed how easy this program is for me.  With very little preparation, I can have a great writing lesson ready in just a couple of minutes.  For this busy mom of four, that is absolutely necessary and priceless!

6.  It’s positive.  Mrs. Mora does an excellent job at making sure that the learning environment remains positive even during things like peer review, which can get sticky.  This program is Christian based so it’s no surprise that there’s an emphasis on things like positivity, how to effectively critique someone else’s work, and appropriate writing topics.

7.  It’s rewarding.  Not only is it rewarding for my kids to have finished a piece of writing that they can be proud of, but Here to Help Learning also includes an incentive program that really keeps the kids on their toes.

The Here to Help Writing Set comes with a teacher's manual, a student workbook, and 6 DVDs. It's a great deal!

The Here to Help Writing Set comes with a teacher’s manual, a student workbook, and 6 DVDs. It’s a great deal!

I would most definitely suggest Here to Help Learning to my fellow homeschool moms.  It’s been a big boost for us in writing, and I’m thrilled that we found it!  To check it out for yourself, click on the link below.

Here to Help Learning

Pencils Up!

Disclosure:  I received a free copy of this program in exchange for my honest review.  All the thoughts and opinions shared are my own.  The links provided are affiliate links.  Thank you for supporting this site. 

2 thoughts on “Here to Help Learning Review

  1. Traci says:

    Thank you so much for this review! I was on the fence about trying HTHW and have decided to dive in…happily! 🙂 Have a beautiful Thanksgiving!


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