Stand Sunday

It’s Stand Sunday, a day we set aside to bring awareness to the orphan crisis. I’ve thought and pondered for some time what I wanted to say on this special day, because I know I need to use my voice when given the opportunity. But really, what I do best is tell our story, and that’s what you’ll find on every page of this blog-the story of a family doing their best to follow God.

stand sunday


Adoption is something that I’ve always had in my heart. Of course, in my dreams, it looked much more perfect and picturesque than reality has proven to be. But I would, without a doubt, do it all over again. In the beginning though, it took some nudging to move us to action. I think that’s how the Holy Spirit works oftentimes. It’s small nudges, knowing someone who has been touched by adoption, hearing a sermon…lots of little things prompt us to action. It’s my prayer that this blog and my words can be that nudging for someone.


What I want to do today is share some of my older posts in hopes that you will look around, read our story, and feel that little nudge from the Holy Spirit…you know it–it’s the one that says,


We have that extra room.

We’ve always wanted a boy/girl.

There’s really no reason not to just look into it.


So grab your coffee and a snack, and make yourself at home here on the blog. Take a look into our life to see how challenging, emotionally taxing, and exponentially rewarding adoption can be. 



The Adoption Process

So You Want to Adopt…Now What?

Do You Have What it Takes?

Adoption Day

Pre-Adoption-Surviving and Thriving

Twelve Seventy-Five

Committing to Love

A Future and a Hope

ADHD vs. Hypervigilance

It’s Just a Tongue Depressor

A Year of Trusting God

It’s Different


Bonding Part II & Grace for Us in Parenting

Preparing Your Biological Children for Adoption

We Can’t Watch That

When Love Doesn’t Come Easy

21 Things You Should Know About Adopting an Older Child

Spoons, Forks, and Family

It Was Worth It


Waking Up

There’s no good reason, no excuse to not be involved in orphan care. If you can’t foster or adopt, you should support someone who can. Period. This is one case where “We’re too busy” just doesn’t cut it. It’s biblical. God told you to. Everyone plays an important role in the orphan crisis. So if you aren’t in a position to foster or adopt, please reach out to your local foster and adoptive families and find out how you can support them. Here are some ideas to get to you started:

How to Provide Support to Foster/Adoptive Families


If you live in Conway County, here are some local resources to get involved with:

Room 29:11

If you live in Arkansas, check these out:

Project Zero

The CALL in Arkansas

One of the best resources is someone who is or has been “in the trenches.” Search out local people who will point you in the right direction. Of course, if you have any questions, feel free to e-mail me anytime. I pray to be the “nudge” that is needed for many people to accept the call to orphan care.


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